Italian Greyhound Litters

We have been lucky enough to have had 20 litters since we started breeding IG. Some in Sim's home, some in Rowena's and some in Di's.

The Mums:

Here are the details of these litters and a few photos of the pups. We keep in touch with as many of the pups we have bred as we can. We love to watch how they grow and to hear what they are doing in their new homes.

Iggy Litter 20 (October 2018)

Dam: Emey - Ch Barad Deepest Emotions (October 2018)

Sire - Ch Barad Lomatia

 Emey had a litter of four blue boys.




Iggy Litter 19 (November 2018)

Dam: Annie - Ch Barad Mountain Cathedral (IID)

"Apples" Litter

Sire: Tital - Ch Tunamara Titanium

Annie and Titan had a litter of 5 pups - four boys (3 seal and 1 red) and 1 red girl. We retained the girl Scarlett for some time but she is now living with her owner Matthew in Hobart. The boys we all sold to fantastic pet home, three staying in Tasmania and one flying off to Perth.



Iggy Litter 18

Dam: Sugar - Ch Tunamara Sugar Maple 

"Sugar" Litter

Sire: Spike- Barad Mighty Mars

Sugar is a Forest daughter (Ch Barad Night Ina Forest). She was bred by Chris Scott, we finally twisted Chris's arm to part with this lovely girl early in 2016. Sugar is a gorgeous girl and gave us a stunning litter of five pups - two girls and three boys.

We have retained Myra - Barad Sugar Muffin. Two others in the litter have gone to show homes. Barad Sugar Man - now Lyon is with Angela Brennan in Victoria and Barad Sugar Flame is with Chris in South Australia.  


Iggy Litter 17

"Silver" Litter

Emey had her second litter on 16th February 2016.

Dam: Annie - Ch Barad Deepest Emotions  

Sire: Spike- Barad Sir Galahad

Emey had two gorgeous pups - Barad Silver Penny (Penny/ Maggie) and Barad Silver Sage (Sage)

Penny now lives with friends Wendy and Ash is Hobart but still remains a part of our show team. Sage lives with Todd and Merry and Marly.



Iggy Litter 16 - Born 3 June 2015

"Tasmanian Native Moutain Plants" Litter

We are very excited to say Annie had her litter on the 3rd June 2015.

Dam: Annie - Ch Barad Mountain Cathedral (IID)  

Sire: Titan - Ch Tunamara Titanium

We cant believe it but Annie gave us 8 pups in her third litter. Five boys and three girls. All pups have found their homes. We have retained Barad Lomatia and he is now 7 months old and part of our current show team.

Pups - 12 days old!


Iggy Litter 15 - Born 1st October 2014

5  female pups "Emotions" Litter

Dam: Annie  - Ch Barad Deepest Emotions

Sire: Titan - Ch Tunamara Titanium


We are excited to confirm that Emey (Ch Barad Deepest Emotions) had her litter on the 1 October 2014 - five girls.

Sire is our amazing new boy Titan (Ch Tunamara Titanium).

We retained Imogen - Ch Barad Imizwelo


Iggy Litters 14 - Born 28th September 2014

"Greek Gods and Goddesses Litter - 6 pups"

Dam: Annie  - Ch Barad Mountain Cathedral (IID).

Sire: Titan - Ch Tunamara Titanium



Annie had 6 pups in this her second litter - we have retained Imy and Marley

We are excited to say that Annie (Ch Barad Mountain Cathedral (IID)) had her litter on 28th September. Three boys and three girls.

We retained Barad Misty Mountain the blue girl and Barad Mighty Mars (Marley) the red fawn boy to join our show team. Misty has had four shows now and is going really well. She has a lovely nature and we couldnt be happier with her and Marley. Marley lived in Victoria with great friend Amanda Donnan and started his show career in late March 2015 with some nice baby in breed wins. He returned to Tasmania in December 2015 and is now part of our show team.


Annie and Emey with just under and just under a week to go before pups - 20 September 2014

We would be happy to hear from you if you would like to enquire about a puppy.

Essien with Neva and Tilly - 10 weeks

Marty from litter 14 and Jazzy and Imogen from litter 15 - November 2014 - pups nearly 8 weeks old

All 11 pups from litters 14 and 15 with Essien !!


All the pups from both litters - day 14 and day 11 with their favourite minder Essien (11 October 2014)

A stunning litter of 6 pups - three boys and three girls born late March 2014

Annie' pups - day 5


Iggy Litter 13 - Born 28th March 2014

Dam: Lady  - Barad Pedra Branca.

Sire: Corky - Ch Barad Storm Inthe Desert

6  pups "Knights and their Ladies" Litter

Photo by Craig Anderson - photography

A stunning litter of 6 pups - three blue boys, ranging from a deep silver to a light blue and three girls - one dark seal, a red brown and a silver fawn was born late March 2014. These pups were raised by Tamara and Patrick Mann, owners of Lady, but have been registered under the Barad prefix. It was great to share this experience with Tamara and Patrick and their family. They have certainly raised an awesome litter of puppies.

We have retained two girls - Black and White Ebony (Barad Lady Morgana Le Fay)  and Light Fawn and White Elsa (Barad Lady Guinevere) - they had their first show with us mid August - Sancia loved it.


Ebony and Elsa at 4.5 months - first show (16 August 2014)

Ebony - 4.5 months old , we love this girl.


Pups - five and 1/2 weeks old  starting to explore their environment


Pups with Lady - 12 days old


Pups with Lady - 1 week old

Lady and her three blue boys and three girls, one silver fawn, a seal and a red



Iggy Litter 12  - Born 4th February 2014

4   pups "Morgandobs" Litter

Dam: Morgan  - Tanden Morgan Le Fay

Sire: Dobbie - Tuscamada Strutn My Stuff


Morgan had two boys and two girls on the 4th February 2014 and all are going well.

Donny with owner Tom - visiting late June 2014

Raph (soon to be Joey), Gaby (soon to be Pearl), Donny and Bella - nearly 8 weeks old

Pups - 3 days old



Iggy Litter 11  - Born 15th May 2013

6  pups "Unusual Words" Litter

Dam: JLo - Am and Aus Ch Razzo Bellagio Absolutely Sinful (Imp USA)

Sire: Sire: Ch Tunamara Gold Leaf



Only 6 puppies still at home as at 20th July, all leaving us for their new homes!

Annie and JLo and all the pups - nearly 8 weeks old (Pups from litters 10 and 11)

Three of the pups - now five weeks old with Sancia (Two are JLo's and one is Annie's )

All the pups from Litter 11 and Litter 10 -  4 weeks old

5 boys and 2 girls - all have found homes

JLo and all the pups from Litter 11 and Litter 10 - yikes are these really all mine!!

All 13 pups - 7 from this litter and 6 from litter 10 with Sancia and Essien - 18 days old



Iggy Litter 10  - Born 14th May 2013

6 girls "Cathedrals Litter"

Dam: Annie - Ch Barad Mountain Cathedral (IID)

Sire: Bertie - Ch Tunamara Red Cedar




Annie and all the pups from Litter 11 and Litter 10 - yikes are these really all mine!!




Iggy Litter 9  - Born 10th November 2012

Dam: Aus Ch Barad Forest Primeval (IID) - Belle

Sire: Tunamara Silver Dice - Dice



As Belle is owned by Rowena this litter was raised by her, with lots of visits by the rest of us of course.

We are pleased to confirm Belle - Ch Barad Forest Primeval (IID) and Tunamara Silver Dice  ( Pedigree SilverDice (2).jpg) had their litter of two boys on 10th November 2012.

We want to thank Chris Scott - Tunamara Italian Greyhounds, for allowing us to send Belle into her care once again and allowing this mating. Thanks also to Cherie Tulk for her help with Belle.

Baxter - Ch Barad Baxter Bread Baker was retained shown to his Australian Championship title in Victoria with Amanda Donnan, as part of her successful Mandav Show team. Baxter moved to a pet home in December 2015

Banjo - Barad Banjo Music Maker is now living in a pet home with Nicole and her two precious pussy cats.


Baxter at his first show in Victoria with Amanda

Baxter - 7 weeks


 Banjo- 7 weeks

Banjo - 7 weeks

Banjo - 5 weeks

 Baxter - 5 weeks

Baxter and Banjo Day 5



Iggy Litter 8 - Born 15th November 2011

"Our Planet Litter"

Dam: Aus Ch Barad Bambina Labamba

Sire: Aus Ch Barad Night Ina Forest (IID) 


Our home grown girl Bambi whelped a great litter of 6 puppies - 5 girls and a boy. All pups have found great homes already. Sire is our JLo son the gorgeous fabulously moving Ch Barad Night Ina Forest (IID). This is our first litter at Barad where we have bred both Mum and Dad so we are pretty excited.

Pups are now 8 months and Emey Barad Deepest Emotions - a little blue and white girl has been retained by us. Mo and Bliss are now on the show circuit in South Australia. Both Emey and Bliss have had some nice wins already - go girls!


The colours of these puppies is fantastic, two red and white girls, two blue and white girls, a seal girl and a blue fawn boy.

Mo - 10 weeks

Bliss - 10 weeks


Breeze - 9 weeks

Caprice - 10 weeks

Emey - 10 weeks

Daisy (Holly) - 10 weeks

Three generations - Grandmother Tikka - Ch Wondoan Wrhadhika, 4 week olds Emey and Breeze and Mum Bambi - Ch Barad Bambina Lambamba

Five of the pups at 20 days pups



Iggy Litter 7 - Born 15th October 2011

"Absolutely Heavenly Litter"

Dam: Am & Aus Ch Razzo Bellagio Absolutely Sinful (Imp USA)

Sire: Australian Champion BIS Delco Wait For It

We are watching this litter grow with growing excitment, it is a very happy healthy strong litter of pups - 4 boys and 2 girls. Puppies are currently 9 months old and we love them! We have retained Winnie. Winnie won Baby Puppy of Group at her last show in March and has some nice bitch challenge wins already as well.

Six puppies (left with Mum JLo) became four after this weekend. Sancia now only has Evie, Star Winnie, Walby and Stan to cuddle but knows that George and Fabio are getting plenty of cuddles in their new homes.


Evie - 8 weeks

Star (now Winnie) - 8 weeks

Fabio - 8 weeks


Walby - 8 weeks

George - 8 weeks

Stanley - 8 weeks


Sim's kids with the pups  - 6 weeks old (Walby, Evie, Fabio, George, Stanley and Star)

JLo and the pups - enjoying some good weather - 4 weeks old


Pups - 9 days old

Evie - day 3 (Photo by Craig Anderson Photography)

Evie Head Shot - day 3 (Photo by Craig Anderson Photography


JLo's babies born 15th October - Day 2



Iggy Litter 6 - Born 22nd December 2010

4 female pups "CELTIC LITTER"

Dam: Ch Barad Forest Primeval (IID) - Belle

Sire: Australian Ch Clovelly Bobby Whitesoxs - Bob"

Poppy and Bree at 13 weeks - both have found fantastic pet homes

Button and Bailey (8 weeks) - both have now found great pet homes

Bonnie and Bree - at 7.5 weeks all tired out after a hard day!


The girls at 5 weeks of age (Button, Bailey, Bree and Bonnie, Button)


 Mon with Bailey, Button, Bree and Bonnie

Dad Bob and Mum Belle on Mons lap with in between Bailey

(Essien in the background) with left to right

Bailey Button, Bree and Bonnie - at 5 weeks

Sancia with Bailey - 4 weeks


The girls at 3 weeks of age (Bonnie, Button, Bree and Bailey)

Button, Bailey, Bree and Bonnie - at 2 weeks


Iggy Litter 5 - Born 22nd July 2010

4 pups "Western Litter"

Dam: Jannarn Caribean Attack - Beanie

Sire: Australian Champion Clovelly Bobby Whitesoxs - Bob


Four pups - two boys and two girls.

All the pups have found great homes, with Basil staying with us at Barad until he was 10 months old. Sancia loved showing him but he grew a little big for the show ring, he now lives with two other Iggies in a loving pet home in Launceston.

Basil with Sancia September 2011

Below is a photo of Lucy and Dexter (formerly Babs and Bille) taken by their new Mum Vicki. They are now living the life of luxury in Perth.

Lucy and Dexter at 12 weeks


Pups at 3 days (Babs, Blossum, Billie & Basil)



Iggy Litter 4 - Born 7th February 2010

2 male pups "Black Adder Litter"

Dam: Barad Betticka  - Betty

Sire: Australian Champion Clovelly Bobby Whitesoxs - Bob

Two boys - Brian and Baldric


Both these boys have found new homes.

Brian - in his new home in Melbourne (May 2010)


Brian and Baldric - 8 weeks old

First time mum Betty with her baby boys Brian and Baldrice - 3 days old




Iggy Litter 3 -  Born 4th December 2009

6 pups "Tasmanian Islands Litter"

Dam: Aust Champion Wondoan Wrhadhika - Ticka

Sire: Tuscamada Strutn My Stuf - Dobbie


Ticka gave us six pups - 1 blue girl, two blue boys, a fawn boy, a red boy and a seal boy. All found new homes very quickly.

 One of these boys - Barad Moriaty Rocks (Darcy) and Barad Pedra Blanca (Lady)  joined the show circuit in Tasmania for some time and did well, it was great to have them out there with adoring owners Tamara and Patrick. Both moved to the United States in December 2015 to live with Tamara's daughter.


Eugenio now residing in Melbourne - 6  months (May 2010) (Thanks for the photo Will)

Marco, now residing on the Gold Coast with Helen at 8 months (July 2010) (Sadly both Marco and Helen have both died, we miss them both)

Moreta (now Lady) and Maffeo (Now Darcy) - saying goodbye to Sancia and Ashby (Febuary 2010)


Pups - with Luke at 4 weeks


Iggy Litter 2 - Born 19th September 2009

6 pups "Great Singers Litter"

Dam: Am & Aust Champion Razzo Bellagio Absolutely Sinful - JLo

Sire: Am Champion Bo-Bett's Press My Button - Presley


Above is Presley and JLo together not long before JLo left the USA to join us in Tasmania.

Australian and Amercian Champion  Razzo Bellagio Absolutely Sinful, our American import had her six stunning babes on the 19th September 2009. 

These pups are now 2 1/2 years old and five have become show dogs. Of these four are now Australian Champions and dear Annie is very close to achieving her title.

There are photos of Annie, Foz, Corky, Belle and Otto scattered throughout the webpage. All five of these dogs are either owned by us or by very good friends in Tasmania.

Here is are a couple taken very recently, one of Foz and one of Annie, just before their first birthday.

Foz - Ch Barad Night Ina Forest - 1 year old


Annie - Ch Barad Mountain Catherdral (IID) and handler Sancia



Forrest - 11 weeks



Iggy Litter 1 - Born 13th May 2008

4 Pups "Indian/Irish Litter"

Dam: Australian Champion Wondoan Wrhadhika - Ticka

Sire: Tuscamada Strutn My Stuf - Dobbie

Four puppies - 1 male & 3 females

These pups are now 4 years old. All have found great homes - Barad Beticka, Betty has been retained by Barad Kennels and is Rowena's heart dog. She was a show dog and has been a Mum but now is definately a house mate.

Barad Estella (Esta)  and Barad Bambina Labamba (Bambi) . Esta is still living in Hobart and are often visitors, their owners Sophie is best friends with Sancia. Both were part of our show team for awhile. Bambi is titled and has given us two great litters and her daugther Emey is now following in her footprints.


Esta - 7 weeks

Esta at 10 months

Bambi at 10 months

Bambi with Leone

Sancia with Betty, (holding a young Bob) Esta and Ticka