Barad Photos 2012


Mon with Rosie - August 2012


Edwina with Scarlett - August 2012


       Essien and the girls at the dog beach - September 2012 (Photo by Ashby Bingham)



Sancia with the girls Emey, Winnie, JLo and Annie - June  2012


 Emey,JLo and Annie relaxing at the shack June 2012


The two 'old girls' that acually quite like each other because they are both calm (JLo and Mawson) June 2012

Emey - 15 weeks old - March 2012

Bambi, Winnie, JLo, Annie and Emey - the girls got to the couch first, now where do we sit - April 2012

Ash with Emey, Sophie with Winnie, Sancia with Annie, Isabel with JLo and Anna with Walby  - April 2012


Jacob with Scarlett - January 2012


Edwina with Rosie - January 2012


Sebastian with Vienna - January 2012


George with Ali - January 2012

Evie, Winnie, Bambi, JLo, Walby Annie and Emey at the front - January 2012

Winnie, Emey, Bambi and Evie - January 2012


Tikka and Annie at the shack (January 2012)


At the dog beach - Bambi, Walby, JLo, Evie, Annie and Winnie (Jan 2012)


Sancia with Mo, Breeze and Emey, Essien with Daisy and Ash with Caprice and Bliss - pups first time up the stairs, mostly aided, to spend quality time destroying Ashby's bedroom. The girls are wearing hats to prevent hair loss from nipping puppies (January 2012)


Sancia and Annie at the shack - Annie doing her best impression of a penguin, so Sancia must be her egg (January 2012)


10 puppies at food time - makes every meal entertaining (January 2012)


Doesnt matter how many dog beds we have everyone still tries to sleep together. Here is Mum, Aunty & Gran and four pups all snuggling together (January 2012)