Barad Photos - 2010


Some might say there are too many in this bed, but when Ticka and Esta come for a sleep over everyone couldnt be happier (December 2010)


Essie, Sancia and Annie on the boat


Rufino, our boy living in Sydney doesnt seem to know its Christmas day. Thanks to Todor for this photo and for always keeping us updated on Rufino's antics


Mitty, Ash, Mia and Celia on the way to the dog beach to meet the Igs and Teddy the Havie (November 2010) 


Edwina and Teddy (November 2010)


Teddy enjoying himself at the dog beach  (November 2010)


Our newest arrivals - Tibby Pups Mia and Ash borrowing near the compost, under the watchful eye of Annie (October 2010)


Mitty - hiding in the tunnel, safe withi her bone (October 2010)


Claudie on her 6 month birthday after a swim at thd dog beach (November 2010)

 Our smallest current dog - Lucy (10 weeks) with our biggest Claudie (5 months) (October 2010)


 Freya with Edwina. Making a nice recovery from her hip surgery (October 2010)


Sancia and Otto (October 2010)


Two pretty girls - Scarlett and JLo (October 2010)


Scarlett and Celia catching some of the sun (October 2010)




Sancia and Billie, Basis and Babs (October 2010)


Sancia winning friends - Celia, Scarlett, Otto, Freya, Annie & JLo (October 2010)

Hugo getting attack by the pups (October 2010)


Hugo still loves the pups despite their attack on him (October 2010)


Sancia and her friend Portia selling lemons to raise money for the dogs home (August 2010)


Sancia, Portia and the dogs selling lemons to raise money for the dogs home (August 2010)


i Oliver S and Teddy (September 2010)


Essien and Claudie with Sancia about to play soccer (August 2010)


Barad Rodondo - Rufino our dark eyed man in Melbourne at 8 months (August 2010) (thanks for sending photos and keeping us updated Todor)


Foz - 11 months (August  2010)


Mitty and Vienna at Sandy Bay dog beach (July 2010)


Claudie at Sandy Bay dog beach  (July 2010)

Sancia - tempting the dogs in  (July 2010)



The IGs, Tibs, Havie & Saluki plus friends at the dog beach (July 2010)


Mitch with Freya and Brynn (July 2010)


What new huge bed? (July 2010)


 Mitty - watching Mon gardening (July 2010)


 Freya 'Stop gardening Mum and play with me! (July 2010)


 Mitty - "Chickens? What Chickens? (July 2010)


Corky has come to stay for a few days, everyone decided to test his bed - ah yes it just fits five IGs (July 2010)


Maddyroe Irish Terrier Pups - 6 weeks (June 2010) - nearly as cute as a litter of Iggies or Tibbies!!!!


Sancia with 6 week old Maddyroe Irish Terrier pups (June 2010)


Lukey with Ticka and Sabreena (June 2010)


Foz - 8 months (May 2010)



Well done on the showing big sis! (June 2010)


Nikki and Klass - good boys in their crate at Campbell Town (May 2010)


Eugenio - 6 months  (May2010)


Otto, Annie, JLo, Addie and Dobbie (June 2010)


Sim and the gang (May 2010)


Freya (May 2010)


Leone, JLO, Sim and Mitty ( April 2010)


Belle - 7 months (April 2010)


Mitty - 9 months (April 2010)


Barbara and new kid - Freya!!

Addie watching the fun (April 2010)


April is here, its cold so coats on for fun in the garden (April 2010)


JLo and Annie -  looking pretty in their coats (April 2010)

 Five tibbies -Scarlett, Mitty, Brynn, Vienna and Coco (February 2010)

Sancia showing Wish the Pharaoh Hound (March 2010)


Essien watching over Brian and Baldric (March 2010)

Rufino - a very stylish boy on his first day out with new owner Todor (Febuary 2010)

Coco, Jacob and Mitty (February 2010)


10 week old Rufino - such a small boy in a big city, but being watched over my Dad Todor (Febuary 2010)

Three Pups - Addy 11 months, Annie 4 months and Rufino 7 weeks

 Tino - saying goodbye to Essien


Sancia and Corky (February 2010)

Essien seems to have taken over the pups carry crate (January 2010)


Sim and Marco at 6 weeks (January 2010)

Iggy walk (January 2010)


 Iggy and Tibby picnic (Janaury 2010)


Our star of eating tibbies (January 2010)

Scarlett - 7 months (January 2010)


Addy and Maffeo (5 weeks) (January 2010)


Sancia and the pups on that really hot day 11th January 2010


Barbara and JLo (January 2010)


Moreta telling Santa what she wants next year (New Years Day 2010)


Luke with a pile of pups (New Years Day 2010)


Sancia, Annie, Esta, JLo, Addy, Ticka and Belle - a girls night in front of the TV (January 2010)