Our Italian Greyhounds


Essien with Scarlet, JLo, Misty and Annie (April 2018)

JLo with Essien and four of her grandkids, Sugar, Marly, Misty and Emey (February 2016)

Sancia with Spike and Marly (December 2015)

Photos of the 6 pups in our litter born 28th September 2014 with Essien, Ashby and Sancia (November 2014)

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Our Foundation Girls

Am  Ch Ch Razzo Bellagio Absolutely Sinful - "JLo" JLo came to Barad in September 2009 from Missouri USA. She lives with Sim in Sandy Bay and we still show her from time to time. She is a beautiful Italian to live with and had her second litter in the middle of October 2011 and her third and final litter in May 2013. JLo is now desexed and living as our princess, the most precious of dogs ever.

Ch Wondoan Wrhadhika - "Ticka"   Ticka finished her title, had two litters and is now living with Luke in Canberra. Again she is  beautiful Italian and very taken with Luke and her luxury lifestyle in Canberra. She comes home 3 or 4 times a year and when she does its like she hasnt been away.

Girls Bred By Us - 2008 & 2009

Ch Barad Mountain Cathedral (IID) "Annie Annie is a sweet little red girl that is part of our current show team. We continue to campaign this girl as she loves showing so much, just being part of the team makes her happy. She is Mum to our litter born on the 14th May 2013 and out litter born on the 28th September 2014. We have retained Misty from the 2014 litter.

Ch Barad Bambina Labamba - "Bambi"  Bambi  is a  seal and white girl. She spent some time with friend and fellow Italian Greyhound breeder Chris Scott in South Australia and returned to Tasmania in February 2011. She is part of our current show team, securing her Aust Champ title in October 2011. She gave us a litter of 6 babies born in November 2011 and we have retained little Emey - Barad Deepest Emotions from this litter.

Barad Pedra Branca - "Lady" Lady  is a  blue and white girl. She is owned by Tam and Patrick but had a litter for Barad in March 2014. We have retained Elsa from that mating, she is now living in Queensland with co owner Jessie Brooks

Girls Bred By Us (or from our stud dogs) - 2011

Tanden Morgan Le Fay "Morgan"  Morgan's Dad is Otto - Ch Barad Walk Inthe Rain (IID). She was bred by Janice - Tanden Kennels.  She secured her first points at 8 months of age and we think is maturing into a nice strong well moving girl. Morgan became a Mum to four babies in early February 2014.

RUBISS Ch Barad Waiting To Sin - "Winnie" Winnie is now three years old. She is from JLo's second litter. Sire is Aus  Supreme Champion Delco Wait For It (E.T.).  Winnie secured her first best of breed on her half birthday. Winnie won Runner Up Best In Show at the Tasmanian Toy Dog Club in 2013 a fantastic achievement amongst a quality field. Winnie now lives in Queensland with Jess. Early in 2015 she lost a leg in a car accident but she has quickly bounced back from that and is now just as happy on three legs as she was on four.

BISS Ch Barad Deepest Emotions  - "EmeyEmey is three years old, she is a pup from Bambi and Foz's first litter for us and we love how this little blue and white girl is growing. She has won  a number of in group and group awards including a best in speciality show when up in Queensland with friend Megan. Emey had her first litter in October 2014. We have retained Imogen from that litter.

Girls Bred By Us  -  2013

Retired from Showing

Ch Barad Katzenjammer - "Katy   Katy is in Melbourne with Amanda Donnan (and Dave and Baxter and the Danes). Katy is such a  happy little girl we are sure she and Baxter will continue to go well with Amanda. Katy finished collecting points to secure her Championship title in April 2015 with two runner up best in groups in Victoria, beating over 100 other toys to do so. Way to go Katy and Amanda!!!

Ch Barad Brechin Cathedral  - "Brechin"  Brechin did some nice winning in Tasmania but when the opportunity arose for her to join the Strelka Kennel in Cairns to start things for Jennifer and her team, we jumped at the chance. She left Tasmania in late January 2014.  Brechin became a mum in October 2015 and one of her pups - Josie has in fact returned to Tasmania recently - Strelka Josephine Falls.

Ch Barad Paisley Cathedral 'Paisley"  Paisley is now owned and loved by Chris Scott in South Australia. We are waiting to see if Paisley wants to become a Mum, fingers crossed.

Ch Barad Selsey Cathedral - 'Selsey' Selsey is living in Melbourne with Dr Tom Murray (and Cooper, Finn and the Salukis). At her first show in 2014 Selsey was Best of Breed (11 points) and Minor Puppy in Group at Bendigo Kennel Club in Victoria on the 7th February 2014. Well done to owners Tom and Cooper. Selsey was Runner Best in Group in a Toy Group of 93 at Dog Fest in October 2014 and secured a 22 point best of breed back in Sunbury to gain the final points needed towards her Australian Championship title.  Selsey has now had two litters for Tom and Cooper and her son recently won Best Puppy of Breed - Royal Melbourne Show, September 2016.

Girls Bred By Us  - 2014 - 2018 and currrently being shown

Ch Barad Misty Mountain - "Misty"   Misty is a almost solid blue girl that we loved from the minute she was born. She is now nearly 15 months old and already has won a god number of Best of Breeds. Misty is doing well in the show ring, despite limited showing and obtained her Championship title early in January 2016.

Ch Barad Imizwelo  - "Imogen"  Imogen is a blue and white pup we retained from Emey's first litter. She is very similar to Emey and a happy girl that is easy to show. She recently was awarded Baby Puppy in Show at the Tasmanian Toy Dog Club Show (March 2015) Imy lives in the North of the state with friend Di Wazny who has done a fantastic job showing this little girl who obtained all her points for her title as a 12 month old.

Barad Sarlet Apple  - "Scarlet had her first shows in March 2018.



Our Foundation Boys

Tuscamada Strutn My Stuf - "Dobbie" Dobbie started his time with us at Barad Kennels as a show dog but he didnt  really like the show ring so we didnt push him with this. He then went to  live with great friends in West Hobart and we saw him regularly. He produced three really lovely litters for us, including Bambi and is therefore now a Grand Dad. His third and final litter was born in February 2014. Dobbie died of pancreatitis in late December 2013, he will be missed terribly.

Ch Tunamara Titanium - "Titan" Titan is only the second male Italian Greyhound that we have purchased from another kennel and it made great sense to obtain a great little dog from mentor Chris Scott. This little boy only came early February 2014 and is loved by us all. He is a little shy but that didnt stop him gaining his Australian title the day after is first birthday from 3 months of showing, with some nice wins along the way. Titan is sire to Annie's second litter and to Emey's first litter. Titan is now retired and living on a beach on the coast, very loved and happy boy.

Boys Bred By Us (or from our boys)


Ch Barad Storm Inthe Desert - "Corky" Corky lives with Leone and is still a big part of our show team. Corky titled very quickly and retired on a high. He is Dad to our March 2014 litter with Lady.

Ch Barad Walk Inthe Rain - "Otto" Otto is one of the gentlest Italians we have ever encountered. He is Dad to Morgan and Finn. He is now a very spoiled only dog with Stu and Belinda in Richmond Tasmania.

Ch Barad Night Ina Forest - "Foz We loved showing Foz and hearing about all his showing on the mainland.  He is now retired from the show ring and his first litter was born in November 2011. He is Dad to Emey - Ch Barad Deepest Emotions and his son Mo has joined team Tunamara and his daughter Bliss lives with Cheri Tulk - Tacozajo and is the spitting image of him. His second litter was born in South Australia in January 2012, from this litter came Ch Tunamara Red Cedar and three other champion girls retained by Tunamara. One of these girls came to Hobart in January 2016 and gave Barad a lovely litter of five pups. We have retained one for showing.

Ch Tunamara Red Cedar - "Bertie "Cedar is now three years old and is a gorgeous happy boy and we are very excited to have him with us in Tasmania. He has sired a great litter for us and two for Chris Scott, his breeder in South Australia. He is now officially retired from both show and stud duties.

Ch Tanden Finn Maccool - "Finn" Finn is 3 years and lives with Dr Tom Murray in Victoria. He was bred by Janice Heyward and is litter brother to Morgan and is co owned by us. Tom commenced showing Finn late in January 2013 and he has already secured some nice best of breed wins and two Best in Group wins. He is now officially retired from both show and stud duties.

Ch Barad Baxter Bread Baker - "Baxter"  Baxter is three years old . During his show career  he lived with and was  shown by Amanda Donnan in Victoria. He did well in the show ring including a Baby Puppy in Show win at Mt Gambier. Thanks for all your work with this boy Amanda. Baxter obtained his Australian Championship title in October 2014 and decided to move to a pet home in December 2015.

Currently being Shown:

Ch Barad Lomatia - "Matty" Matty is now three years old and doing very well as a show boy. He lives in the North of Tasmania with friend Di Wazny and we are looking forward to seeing how he goes in the show ring.

Barad Mal De Coucou  - "Spencer". Spencer had his first shows in March 2018. 



Photos and more details of our Italian Greyhounds appear on the pages linked to this one.

We have other dogs that we love but that we aren't showing anymore or at the moment. Photos of these members of the team can be seen under "Other Special Dogs"



JLo and her babies in her second litter at nine weeks of age

Simone and Emey, JLo (hiding) Titan and Emey at the shack April 2014