Our History with Salukis

    We have had Salukis at Barad since 2010.

    Here is a potted chronology of our relationship with this gorgeous breed.




    2017 - 2018

    Claudia and Essien - August 2017



    Claudia - (Ch Baghdad Biale Nogi, born 11th May 2010) came back to Hobart to live with us in October 2016.



    We still maintain contact with the Salukis on the mainland and of course  we keep in regular with Aneesa who was bred by Klamury kennels and lives with Janine Cornish.

    Sancia and Nessy are good friends and we show this little Saluki girl regularly as part of our team. We will continue to love this breed and watch over Claudia, Coco and Aneesa three special Salukis that have come into our lives over the last 6 years.




    Sancia with her beloved Claudia - big thanks to Tom and Cooper for driving Claudia out to the Monash Uni Campus so Sancia could see her during the Under 15 indoor hockey competition




    Much to the delight of all the kids great friends Tom Murray and Cooper Watts came to Tasmania late October for a few shows, bringing with them their Salukis.

    We loved having them in the state.

    Sancia with her beloved Claudia

    Essien with Toby and Coco


    Klamury Aneesa - has now joined our show team, thanks to the support of part owners and parents Janine and Patrick. Nessy had her first show on 16 August 2014 and won baby puppy in group. I think the love Sancia has for this baby Saluki is quite apparent.

    Sancia with Aneesa


    How loving are these girls !!

    On the 30th May Holly and Sophia arrived in Hobart to spend some time with the Barad Iggies and Tibbies. We have Salukis in our lives again, kids could not be happier.


    In March 2014 Tom's gorgeous girl Eski  and stunning boy Ketut  (Grantulla Afasiyab) gave Tom his first litter of Salukis. The pups are now nearly 6 weeks old and we are very excited to say that a couple will be travelling to Tasmania. A couple have not yet found their new homes so if you would like to know more about this gorgeous breed please contact us.  


    Coco and Claudia are both now back with Tom and Cooper. Sim and Sancia and Ashby caught up with them on a trip to Melbourne. To say the girls recognised us and loved seeing us was an understatement, these two Saluki's are the best. We caught up again with Ketut and Eski - there are nice kids too!


                           Sancia with Claudia                                                                                  Sim with Coco and Claudia



    Coco enjoyed a good few months in Hobart and returned to Tom and Cooper early January 2014. We know we will catch up with her from time to time in both Melbourne and Hobart.


    Sancia was lucky enough to travel to Melbourne to spend time with Tom Murray and Cooper Watts. She stayed with them for a few days AND was reunited with Claudia, the other Salukis AND got to show Claudia at the Saluki Speciality and in Junior Handlers. Claudia won both Reserve Bitch Challenge and Open Dog in a very strong line up! Well done Claudia and Sancia.


    Sancia and Claudia winning Best Open Bitch in a Strong Line up at the Saluki Specialtiy (November 2013)


    Once again we had the pleasure of Saluki time when both Coco - Lavuka Driving Ms Idella and her friend Ketut - Grantulla Afrasiyab came to stay with us late October to participate in the Hobart Royal Show, Dog Fest and the Hound Show. Ketut went Best of Breed at the Hound Show and Dog Challenge at the other two shows. Coco was Bitch Challenge and Runner Up Breed at the Hound Show.



     Our friendship with Tom and Cooper has continued, Tom and Simone now co-own an Italian Greyhound - Ch Tanden Finn Maccool. Tom kindly agreed to send another of his Saluki's girls to us for a few weeks - April to May 2013. Coco - Lavuka Driving Ms Idella is a gorgeous Saluki. Coco has made friends with all of us and Sancia has really enjoyed showing her.


    Coco and four year old Essien (April 2013)

    Coco and Basia - April 2013



    Claudia returned to us in June 2012 and it was like she had never been away, she raced straight up to Sancia's bed the minute she was back and continued with her loving funny ways. This trip back to Tasmania was to help Sancia win her age group in the Tasmanian Junior Handlers final on the 14th July 2012. We also completed Claudia's challenge points in July at a show in Wesbury. Claudia returned to Tom and Cooper in August 2012. We keep in regular contact with her and her friends Coco and Eski. In October both Coco and Eski came and stayed with us for a few days to attend five Tasmania shows, with both girls performing really well, Eski Best of Breed at the Royal Hobart Show 2012. We loved having the girls and Tom and Cooper stay with us.

    Claudia and Sancia taking a rest before showing at Westbury

    Claudia - the much loved  friend of three year old Essien

    Claudia and Sancia showing in June 2012

    Claudia - watching Ashby's soccer with great friend Emey

    Claudia - taking a break from watching soccer with her camel - Mon

    Claudia - helping Sancia to win her age group in the Tasmanian State Junior Handlers Final 14th July 2012




    Claudia - kitchen hound (July 2011) 

    Claudia - the much loved companion out with a walk with Sancia (May 2011) 

    Claudia (April 2011) Photo taken by Megan Petersen

    Claudia - the show girl at 10 months with Sancia the handler at 10 years

    Claudia - show hound "look at me" at nearly 10 months

    Claudia - running hound at 9 months

    Claudia - hot show hound at  9 months

    Claudia - water loving hound at 6 months of age


    Claudia - boat loving hound at 5 months

    Claudia - beach loving hound at 3 months


    Claudia travelled up to Sydney late March 2011 to spend time with breeder Paula. In April she was entered in the Saluki Speciality Show and the Sighthound Speciality Show. She won puppy of breed at both shows, meaning she was puppy in show at the Saluki show. Claudia returned to Tasmania in May. In September 2011 Claudia went to live with Tom Murray and Cooper Wattis in Melbourne but will continue alway to have a home with us.


    Our first love in Salukis was Claudia.

    Claudia Ch Baghdad Biale Nogi, born 11th May 2010) came to us as a nine week old puppy from the Baghdad Kennel in NSW. She was at that time the same size as the Iggies. We have loved having her and watching her grow. Her show career has definately been a big learning curve for all of us.