Available Italian Greyhounds

Essien with three of the boys from our November 2017 litter

We dont have any puppies at the moment but hope to have a litter at the end of 2018. We would be very happy to hear from you.



 Our Breeding

Our emphasis in our breeding program is to breed 'fit for purpose' companion puppies. Within this is the hope that we will breed a pup to join our lives and to show, obedience train and to warm our lives and beds. The other puppies we breed are as important to us so we take considerable effort to find fantastic homes for each and every puppy we breed.

Our breeding parents are genetically tested in accordance with the recommendations made by the UC Davis.

Equally as important is breeding and raising puppies with sound temperaments.  Our pups are raised in our home with the family and exposed to noise and the company of humans and other animals. We only breed one or two litters a year and each and everyone in our family love being involved with these puppies for the ten weeks they are with us. When they leave they will have been vaccinated, microchipped, wormed regularly and fully vet checked for any health issues.

Pet puppies will be placed on the limited register and we expect that conscientious owners will have their puppies desexed at between 6 and 8 months of age. Full registration papers may be made available for show/stud dogs to registiered ANKC affiliated members.

The cost of a puppy reflects the amount of time, dedication, love, money, planning, testing and research that goes into every puppy that we breed. We never tire of talking about this breed and are happy to inform anyone about the breed; its needs and health considerations. We love to stay in touch with every owner that acquires a puppy from us. 

What we expect from our puppy buyers

Your puppy starts his or her life knowing s(he) is well loved. We expect that any one that acquires a Barad puppy understands about the breed and that your dog will be a loving companion for many years to come, needing regular vet check ups, lots of love, walks and stimulation.

When making your enquiry please provide a name, phone contact and the area in which you live so that we can arrange a quote for transport if required. We are happy to send pups by plane to their new homes as they are exposed to crates at an early age. We encourage any one thinking about purchasing an Italian Greyhound from us or elsewhere to come and meet our dogs - to make sure you understand their natures, size and of course to get to meet us, their loving breeders.

Making an enquiry

We do tend to receive a large number of enquiries. The more detail you can provide the better as it will allow us to decide if your enquiry is genuine as it enables us to begin to assess whether you can provide a fantastic home and that you are aware of the nature of the breed, the type of care that it requires need and the health issues that Italian Greyhounds can have.

We do have a long waiting list and believe that the pups from both our 2016 are spoken for.   Even if there isnt a puppy for you in these next two litters we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the breed. We are also happy to look at putting you on our waiting list.

Simone and Di - Barad Kennels Italian Greyhounds Tasmania (April 2018)

Essien - with all 11 pups from Litters 14 and 15 at seven weeks