Willy - Natebit Wily Winnit - a gorgeous boy that continues to get more goreous


Verity (Janaury 2015)


Misty - 4 months January 2015



Essien and JLo at Barbara's house January 2015


Imogen and her Mum Emey telling sharing secrets (December 2014)


Essien and Verity (Janaury 2015)


Sim and JLO , Emey and Annie (November 2014)


Founding Barad Member Barbara with founding Iggy girl JLO (November 2014)


Essien with Emey, Annie and JLo at Murdunna (November 2014)


Mon and Bailey, Willy and Verity (November 2014)



All 11 pups with Essien (6 weeks)


All 11 pups - 25th November 2014


Emey and Annie with all their pups - day 14 and day 11 (October 2014)


Blue Girl (Misty) -  born 28 September 2014


Country Girl - Selsey


Titan at the shack - April 2014


Annie and Emey - trying out the new extra large whelping box/ dog bed with a week to go before the babies arrive - September 2014


Splke - Barad Sir Galahad 6 months (September 2014)



Group Shot Friends of Italian Greyhounds in Tasmania play date August 2014


Mon and Craig with Emey and Bambi (Mother and Daughter) at the Iggy play date August 2014


Bek and Tom and Donny at the Iggy play date August 2014

 Emey and Titan April 2014

 Dora  May 2014


Elsa and Louisa at the Iggy play date (August 2014)


Milly and Bailey - February 2014


Sancia with Lily and Ash with her Mum JLo - big gorgeous Iggy girls (January 2014)


Betty and Ebony - 1 week old (April 2014)


Lady and Corky January 2014


Lady and Essien January 2014

Sancia and Morgan with her pups (4 February)