Emey and Brechin (December 2013)



Mon with Cedric - his last day in Hobart (September 2013)

Essien, Rosie and Mon (September 2013)

Essien and all the pups (July 2013)

Sancia with Nigel. Paisley and Cedric - 5 1/2 weeks

 JLo and Annie's puppies - 8 & 9 days old (May 2013)        

                                                           Annie and Essien & pups - 3 weeks old June 2013)


Essien with Bravo, JLo and Annie (May 2013)


Sancia with Morgan              


                                                        Basia and Coco - April 2013

Photo  Photo

Couple of family shots.

The first being JLo kids and Grandkids, the second being Tikka kids and Grandkids - with of course Emey being in both photos, as our Tikka/JLo Granddaughter